How are you, hope you are well.

The goodness of the grace of God, I'm good. We'll discuss the second phase of the blog. And this episode is for you to talk a little more about it. We watched the last episode of how to create a blog to go to blogger.com. Today, a look at our blog blog more beautiful with a nice template to it. Let's see how beautiful the template is decorated with your blog.

We have to log in before blogger.com. Then click on the template of the blog's dashboard.

Many templates come in front of us now,
We hope that you select is in our interests. By placing the mouse on top of the template we look downwards costomize template and apply to blog, we'll click on costomize.

See the left

Ø Advance

Ø Leyout

Ø Bgcolor

Ø Adjust width

From here we will select leyout.

I happen to have a choice of two sides of the sidebar.

(Note-We'll use the blog google adsense. So we have here a leyout select Sidebar from the side.)

Then click the Adjust widths given below the photo.

Once selected, click on apply to blog.
Now we can see our blog on a reload.

I hope everyone will work. They are not doing the job, then please read the posts. I hope you'll understand that we are part agami getajeta will discuss some issues with the template.

Today, I conclude here. I'll see you again, will be good to be healthy.
Allah Hafiz

Create your own blog, Part 2
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