How will the security of your Facebook account
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How are you. I hope you are well. God's grace, I'm good.

I know some people are good, the reason facebook. We can not go an hour without some people on Facebook. But the mistake is our Facebook ID block, like the mind madye head. We asole Facebook ID skulls, make friends, have a thousand followers aidite us, this ID is not a bad car will lock hole in the head. The boy friend or girl friend on Facebook who have them do not say any of that, worries Bash.

But a little careful. If you do not have to face this problem again. Whatever the problem of increasing the reception, it niiye discuss.

Login with your Facebook ID first, then click on settings & privacy.

Then click on security.
facebook security
Click to enable the login Approvals off.
facebook security

(Note: There is security before my ID, so disable showing) pasword pasword OK with that.

Your mobile number and mobile number will grow. Now would be a code on your phone, at the box put code.

Thank you.

The Facebook lagauta day. Please log in again. You will see a code. The code you will be given a message to your mobile number.

Now, no one knows your ID can not open your pasword. Heck, especially those who were ID. Next session will discuss some of the problems and solution
. Life is good. Allah Hafiz.
How will the security of your Facebook account
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