Hi everyone, I hope you are well, I'm good grace prayer wisdom.
I Symbian mobile use. So I took over the post Symbian mobile. I am with you today a great software to introduce Symbian mobiles. Through which we can record audio with music. Now if we could record the little effects. How nice it would have been. Yes, now we're done. Download the software from here. Then your symbians60v5 mobile installation.

(Note:- symbians60v5.s3 anna belle Mobile will support. Symbians60v3 phone does not support.)

The first option,
Your voices will be thick. That's like the big man's voice.

Then, the second option was the same as at the small of your voice will become.

The third option that you hear at a slow way.

The fourth option, your voice be heard by a double sound. The effects of this software is full of fun for all. The fourth option, you can test if the abriti a poem. You get a lot of fun.

(Note-you go to the setting of the options, and then select the setting from the memory card to the audio quality of the medium will not ta words, show that the sound hole.)
  Of course you then I understood. He is here today to say goodbye.

Life is good. Allah Hafiz.

Sound Record software for Symbian s60v5
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