How are you, hope you are well. God's grace, I'm good. This is the third edition of my blog. How will the blog adds gedjet blog can be more beautiful. Let's see it.

Please login first blogger.com. Then select your blog. Leyout select from the dashboard. Given below is actually the pages.

Click to add a gedget.

I like to select a gedjet. First, a search box on my blog, I'm gedjet
Visitors will be able to search the content of my blog.

We'll be back at gedjet. We think some of his earlier work. From the Dashboard, click peges.

Then click on the new peges. Title Countuct us. Enter the contact's blog .The way to create more pages. Create pejesa prefix like about us .contuct me.privecy policy etc. See the picture below.

Then click leyout.

Now that you have created pages dissolve dissolve kothai put sei pages. Up / downwards / site / where to put it and click on the add a gedget.

Select the peges gedjet.

Now that you have created the pages dissolve select the ferrule.

Then save.

Today is actually taking out the next phase we will discuss some of the more gedjet.

Life is good. Allah Hafiz.
Create your own blog, Part 2 add a gedjet
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