How are you, hope you are well. God's grace, I'm good.

Today I'll show you how to delete computer files today o'clock. The computer can be a little faster. Asole We have a variety of computer work. Perimeters of the work we have done some nasty things in the file that the computer is a little slow. Today we'll see how to delete the files go bad today.

First, your computer's "start" click batane. Then the "run" command and click.

Here is the command to run. They run down the
Then run the mouse over the left, properties and click. Then click coustomize Then run the command from the results come out with a check mark.

Or the keyboard's windows key and press R at the press. command will be run.

The recent write here, then press enter. Press ctrl + a to dissolve the file will delete all files.

Then write all of which will come perfetch entara press to delete.

Then temp.

The % temp%

To delete this file dissolve.

After working on your computer every day, ex, this is the file to delete dissolve phale Today your computer will work much faster adieu to be seen again.

Life is good. Allah Hafiz.
How to Delete unnecessary files from your computer
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