How are you, hope you are well. By the grace of God, prayer, I'm good.

Today I have a Nokia nice software to help introduce you to a mobile yara multiple mobile / multiple computers can use the Internet.

That means that he will share the Internet from mobile phone SIM mobile phones do not need all that.

Of course the process to use your phone and your computer must have Wireless LAN NETWORK.

What are the advantages of this software remains.

The urgency of the mobile computer from any Internet connection cable can be used.

Mobile allows you to use the mobile Internet.

Indoor and outdoor coverage of the 100-300 ft 300 to 900 feet.

Let's see how to use the software.

First, download the software from here.

Then install the phone. Then open. Like this led to yes.

Then ask them to select Access point.

Will be given below, then Connect.

To connect. Go to your friend's mobile opera mini. (Note; -an run on his mobile to mobile wireless network should be.) Click on the following in the Search for WLAN.
Then grab your dibaica

Use the aramache net.

Am leaving here today, hope to see you again.

Which is good. Allah Hafiz.

Hotspot software for Nokia Symbian Mobile Phones
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